Breakfast Inspiration From Around The World


Sep 11, 2014 by British Blog

Although this part of the globe is famous for the full English/Scottish breakfast, few people start the day with anything that exciting on a daily basis. In fact, it is very easy to become bored with breakfast - early in the morning there may be little time to prepare much, and who is inspired to cook exotic food at that time of day?

Well, the good news is that there is no need to suffer tedious breakfasts any longer - here is some brekkie inspiration from around the globe, which might be fun to cook up at home.


In Spain, breakfast ('el desayuno' to the locals) is usually the smallest meal of the day. Most Spaniards opt for coffee - usually a shot of strong espresso mixed with frothy, heated milk - and a little something sweet. Magdalenas, a type of cupcake, are popular (and, helpfully, are quite widely available in UK shops) as are churros, which are basically extended doughnuts, sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon.

The Netherlands and Sweden

People in both of these countries do like a pancake for breakfast. The Dutch favour apple pancakes, which combine sharp and sweet flavours and are often served with bacon and/or dark syrup for an extra twist. Over in Sweden they favour a pannkakor, which is essentially a fine crepe, usually served with jam or another fruity filling.


Turkey is the place to be for anybody who fancies a healthy start to the day. Fresh fruit, vegetables (especially tomatoes), olives and eggs are all on the typical Turkish breakfast menu.

South America

A good filling breakfast seems to be the order of the day in South America. Brazilians wake up to fresh crusty bread with butter, cheese and cold meats. Alternatively, they will enjoy some bolo de fuba - a sweet cornmeal cake that is popular both for breakfast and as snack throughout the day. Coffee is, of course, virtually compulsory.

In Bolivia, a popular choice for breakfast is the saltena: made from stewed meat and vegetables encased in a thick pastry, it is remarkably similar to a Cornish pasty. In Peru, ceviche - raw fish cured in citrus juice and served with chilli - is eaten at virtually any time of day, including breakfast. 


In many parts of Asia, breakfast foods are often the same as - or at least very similar to - those eaten at lunch or dinner. In Japan, tofu topped with pickled ginger is often eaten, but alternatives include fish and rice cakes. The Japanese generally prefer a filling, but healthy, early morning meal. In Thailand, breakfast options include rice with meat or fish: in particular, meat or fish flavoured with mint leaves is a popular street food. In Vietnam chao, which is rice porridge served with meat (often pork, duck or even eel) is often eaten for breakfast.

While some of these foods may look complicated, in fact, most of them are quite straightforward to prepare and the ingredients are freely available. So the next time breakfast boredom strikes, why not give them a try?