Top 10 Handy Apple Shortcuts


Sep 24, 2014 by British Blog

Apple is notorious for having a plethora of confusing shortcuts and little hidden tricks that even some of the most avid Mac users aren't completely familiar with. It is no surprise, then, that newbies to the world of the Apple Mac often find themselves a little lost when faced with a whole new - and unique - interface and software. Fear not, though, former Windows users. You can get to grips with the basics in no time. Here are some handy Mac shortcuts to get you started.

1. Closing windows

When you want to quickly close a window on a browser or application, all you need to do is open the window you want to close and enter Cmd (Command) + W into your keyboard whilst on that page. To close all of your windows in one go, enter Cmd + Option + W.

2. Take a screenshot

This is an easy one on Windows, but a little more complex on an Apple computer. To cap the entire screen, enter Cmd + Shift + 3, or if you just want a particular section of the screen, try Cmd + Shift + 4.

3. Zooming in and out

Please note that in order to use this function you will need to first enable. Go to your System Preferences, then to the Universal Access panel, and you will find the option there. Once it's enabled, that's it. You can use it easily, and what a great function it is. Cmd + Option + +/- are the keys you will need to zoom in, out and pan.

4. Force quit

We all know how frustrating it is when the computer locks up or fails to respond to any of our commands, and knowing how to force quit is important. Cmd + Option + Esc are all you need to get that dialogue box up and to get control of your computer again.

5. Sleep

Option + Cmd + Eject will put the computer to sleep without the need to go to the menu. 

6. Log out immediately

You can log out at a touch of a button if you're in a rush. Just press Option + Shift + Cmd + Q

7. Deleting files

Cmd + Delete will send a file straight to your trash bin.

8. Need some help

To get the Mac help forum open, use Cmd + Shift + ?.

9. Back to desktop

Cmd + F3 will take you straight to your desktop without you having to manually minimize all the windows and tabs you have open.

10. Search Files

When you're looking for something in particular but don't want to trawl through endless files and folders, use Cmd + Shift + F.

There are plenty more shortcuts which you can find online and that you will learn as you go along. Chances are you will discover many of them by accident! To get the most out of your Mac and have it working at optimal speed, consider fibre optic broadband, especially popular for businesses and those who need to download and stream big files.