What's New in Home Interiors for 2015?


Oct 01, 2014 by British Blog

Whether it is due to the upturn in economic conditions, or just because people fancy a change, 2015 looks set to be the year that interiors change - dramatically.

While many design-conscious householders have spent the past few years surrounded by pale, neutral walls, understated natural textures and inoffensive ornaments, if the design experts are right, 2015 will be a major case of out with the old, in with the new, and everybody will be using colour in a way that has not been seen since the 1980s.

Does that sound interesting? Read on to discover some of the key trends that designers are predicting will be big in the coming year.


Greek blue

Apparently, the bright, warm, clear blue that decorates the roofs, shutters and doors on many Greek islands is set to be the leading colour of 2015. For maximum fashion credibility, give it a gloss finish and combine it with green, particularly bright, fresh greens. Almost the polar opposite of the current pastel and neutral palette, this is one domestic design trend that will certainly grab the attention of visitors.


Clashing bold colours

Continuing the return of colour, it seems that in 2015 there will be no need to think too hard about which colours go with which. Clashing primary shades is the name of the game, at least for those who have bags of self-confidence when it comes to design. Those who are less extrovert may like to temper this look with elements from other key trends.


Grey as a backdrop

Of course, only the very brave will happily clash colours on every single wall of their home, so most householders will still need a neutral surface or two against which to set off their use of the bold new shades. Well, in 2015 that backdrop should, apparently, be grey. From light silver to deep charcoal, grey is set to take over from today's pallid palettes of beige, cream and magnolia.


Earthy tones

Whether in combination with, or as an alternative to, bold and primary colours, earthy tones are set to be big in 2015. These shades are not restricted to browns and yellows, either: the deep purple of aubergine, forest greens and even the muted red of chilli are included in this range.


Understated luxury

Understated luxury is a trend best used in combination with earthy tones to give a classy, almost renaissance vibe. Textured and embroidered fabrics, handcrafted and well designed furniture, luxurious materials such as granite, natural stone and marble all have their place here.



Many designers are predicting that glass will be a key trend in 2015. It can be used in furniture, bathroom and kitchen fittings and, of course, ornaments, but the coming year will also see it used in more exciting ways. These include wall inserts and, in particular, floor tiles. Several suppliers will release glass floor tiles in vibrant and citrus colours next year, allowing everybody to combine some of the most cutting-edge design trends within the four walls of their home.