Steps to Cut Sugar from Your Diet


Aug 28, 2014 by British Blog

We all know by now that sugar can be bad for you if you take too much on a regular basis. and this. There are some foods that are clearly high in sugar, and these can be avoided quite easily.

However, the problem comes with the fact that there are many foods with a high sugar content that people may not think about. This means you should be on your guard when it comes to staying healthy and ensuring your sugar intake is kept to a reasonable level.

Look at the ingredients

There are natural sugars and added sugars and if a product has both of these elements, you cannot tell the balance or the overall impact just from looking at the grams of sugar content. This is why you need to be on the lookout for certain ingredients. If you see ingredients such as malt syrup, molasses, corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, sucrose, glucose or maltose in the ingredients, there has been sugar added to the product and you should tread carefully. You may think that you are eating healthily but the presence of these products can impact on the good work you do during a workout.

Check out your condiments

It is easy to think that condiments can’t be harmful as they are just an addition to your plate and you may not use too much of them. However, there are some condiments that are high in sugar and that are bad for you. In order to ensure that your sugar intake is low, you will want to stick with vinegar, yellow or Dijon mustard, hot sauce or even horseradish. You will be surprised at the amount of sugar that can be placed into ketchup and if you use a lot of this style of product, you will find that you are adding a lot of sugar to your diet.

Be wary of sugar free drinks

On the surface, a sugar free drink is clearly better for you than a full-fat and full-flavour version. This is a good starting point and if you consume a lot of juice or soda, switching to a sugar-free version is going to provide you with a better chance of lowering the sugar in your diet. However, you need to make sure that you are watching your diet around this change.

Research indicates that although the level of sugar consumed from this style of drink is lower, it can trigger receptors in people’s minds that sees them reach for sweet treats on a more regular basis. This is something to bear in mind because it may be that the sugar you cut from your diet by switching drinks - you will ultimately add by enjoying other sugar laden treats. People need to have a complete focus when it comes to eating healthier and removing excess sugar from their existing diet.

Similarly, desserts or sweets that are low in sugar will be a good starting point but you need to make sure that they do not lead to you snacking on other items that have a higher sugar content.

It may even be that the bread you buy is pushing your sugar intake up, so be sure to consider this. You should always look at the ingredients before you make a purchase but there may be some foodstuffs that have sugar in them that you never suspected.

Eating healthily should be undertaken with a fitness regime so if you dig out your gym wear and take a closer watch on what you eat, you are likely to see an improvement in your health.