Clean house, clean heart with Sodium bicarbonate


Jan 08, 2016 by Aman

Remember the sodium bicarbonate toothpaste craze? Well, this surprising substance is more than a simple teeth whitener.

Its secret is that it is a pH regulator, which means that whatever the situation it finds itself in, it balances the acidity and alkalinity, effectively neutralising the situation. After that, it slows down the process so that whatever it was doesn't become acidic or alkaline too quickly again, which means that if you clean with it, that clean stuff doesn't get dirty too fast.

Less cleaning is good for you, so sodium bicarbonate is possibly one of the greatest cleaning solutions! (Pun intended.)

The bathroom can be shiny

You don't have to inflict evil chemicals on your family, pets, and the aquatic environment! Just shake a bit of sodium bicarbonate on a cloth and wipe your bathroom down. It turns into a beautiful, shiny heaven, perfect for you and your family. If you need a bit of extra power, just sprinkle on some more, and scrub hard.

The floor can also be shiny

Sodium bicarbonate is good for the floor as well. Put about four ounces of bicarbonate into five litres of hot water, and your floor will be super; just don't forget to go over it with clean water afterwards for that extra bit of shine.

It makes the parents invincible

If you've got toddlers, and your house is starting to look like a crayon fest, just take a damp sponge and a sprinkle of bicarbonate, and it will gently remove the crayon from your beautiful walls, furniture, carpet, sofa, and anything else to which your child has applied extra colour. Remember, if you're using it on soft furnishings, dab, don't scrub, or you might find it becomes rather more permanent.

It's also a lovely, gentle washing solution for your baby's clothes, and you don't have to expose your child's soft skin to the horrible chemicals that are normally used in washing detergents.

It stops dodgy smells

Want to get rid of that nasty dishwasher smell? You know the answer! Shake some bicarbonate into the interior before a wash, and add a little to the soap compartment. You can do the same with your washing machine. Many machines are now used at 30 degrees Celsius, which means that they often start to smell after a while because the bugs aren't being cleaned off. Bicarbonate neutralises the lot.

If you have pets, your carpet may not be as pristine as you'd like. Sprinkle some bicarbonate across the surface of your carpets and rugs the day before you plan to vacuum, and you'll find that any dodgy odours will disappear. Just vacuum it up with the dirt, and it'll even stop your cleaner from smelling.

You know that horrid gym bag smell that the kids' PE kits end up with? You can neutralise that with bicarbonate. Just tip about four ounces into the drum of the washing machine when you wash them.

Sodium bicarbonate really is like a panacea for cleaning. Try it, and see!