Taking Advantage of the Lifetime Payback Guarantee


Jan 20, 2016 by James

January sees the launch of a revolutionary new insurance plan offered by British Seniors. The Lifetime Payback Guarantee for those over 50 is the first of its kind within the insurance industry because your cover amount will never be less than the amount you have paid in. The policy cannot be bought from any other UK provider.

Life insurance for those over the age of 50 is often a disappointing and even risky affair. With many policies, customers run the risk of paying more in than their relatives would receive upon their death.

For example: aged 55 the plan costs £36.34 a month for £10,000 of benefit. If you died at 65, you would have paid £4,361 in total and the plan would pay your loved ones £10,000. If you live to 85, your premiums would total £13,082, far more than the sum you originally insured. With traditional plans you would get just £10,000 but British Seniors returns the full £13,082 paid in.

The majority of people use life insurance to save money and ease potential financial burdens on their family after they die. Saving money, as opposed to being forced to spend more of it, is the whole point, so this is a vital improvement on an arguably flawed system. This problem occurs in policies from SunLife, Aviva, Liverpool Victoria and Beagle Street, to name just a few.


How does the Lifetime Payback Guarantee differ?

The Lifetime Payback Guarantee, available exclusively from British Seniors, is essentially the first insurance policy to put the policy-holder in the driving seat. It’s free and simple for anyone to sign up to. The only requirements for new applicants are that they are a resident of the United Kingdom and aged between 50 and 79 at the time the policy is taken out. There are no intrusive medical questions asked or tests required, and you can take out cover up to £20,000, which should be enough to cover any end-of-life expenses that might be incurred (including hospice, medical and funeral costs).

Additionally, although the customer technically isn’t covered for 24 months in order to protect against accidental or sudden death, if they were to die during those 24 months, the premiums paid up to that point would be refunded. Most policies do not offer that.

The British Seniors Lifetime Payback Guarantee is a brand new, unique deal, which means you won’t find it on any insurance comparison sites. Head straight to the British Seniors site to sign up to an insurance policy that genuinely puts the customer first. Be one of the first to take advantage of the Lifetime Payback Guarantee now.