Take a Trip to Beautiful Barcelona

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Aug 22, 2014 by British Blog

There is a city in Europe within very easy reach of the UK that combines an explosion of modernity, artistic panache and style, feverish colour and modern art, with ancient architecture and a history that pre-dates the Romans. It is a city that combines the best of urban and coastal: a major cultural and economic centre for the south west of Europe, yet it also boasts seven beaches within its city limits, which includes three miles of Mediterranean coastline.

That city is Barcelona.


Welcome to Barcelona

Having suffered badly during the recent financial crisis, Barcelona is now showing signs of recovery, and it cannot come a moment too soon. The capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, Barcelona is also a major transport hub, the busiest passenger port in Europe, and the population of its urban area stands at around 4.5 million.



The city is also home to many world heritage sites, including Gaudí's masterpieces the Casa Batiló, Park Güell and (as yet unfinished) Sagrada Família. Indeed, one of the most notable things about Barcelona is the bursts of contrast and colour: bright hues in the public works of Gaudí and Miro contrast with the weathered surfaces of centuries-old cathedrals and squares.

Colour is also a distinguishing factor in La Boqueria, the central food market that is a must-see for all visitors. Crammed with a mind-blowing array of foods and drinks of all types, from fragrant spices and fresh seafood to exotic fruits, luscious confectionery and rich breads and pastries, the sensory overload that results from a visit to La Boqueria is simply stunning. Very few visitors emerge from this striking building without having consumed a few calories in the process!


Beach Life

One of the distinguishing features of Barcelona are the beaches that line the city's miles of coastline. Barcelona has been voted as having the best city beach in the world by both National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, and that beach has the further advantage of being very easy to reach from the city's centre.

Given its position on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona has a long history of seafaring and has ranked among the most important ports in the world. Port Vell, the old harbour, is a fascinating area and home to the city's aquarium. It also houses the Port Vell Aerial Tramway, which crosses the harbour and provides breathtaking views of the city and port.


La Rambla

Finally, no visit to Barcelona would be complete without a walk along La Rambla. This central street (in fact, a connecting series of streets) runs from Plaça de Catalunya, the largest square in Barcelona and widely viewed as the city's centre, to the Columbus monument at Port Vell. While large parts of La Rambla are clearly tourist traps, it is nonetheless a fun and interesting place in which to pass some time, admire some architecture, do a little shopping, enjoy a coffee or cold drink and watch the wonderful world of Barcelona pass by.