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17 Nov 2017

Alan’s story: Over 50s Life Insurance


57-year-old RAF veteran, Alan, is a married grandfather of four from Manchester. We chatted to Alan about budgeting for retirement and planning ahead to look after his grandchildren – here’s Alan’s story.

After working for the local council for 26 years, Alan was presented with the opportunity of early retirement at the age of 52 and took it. Alan’s wife is now also approaching retirement and he was looking for extra financial security so he chose British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance with the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®:

“I’ve been meaning to take out a policy for a while, with my wife coming up to retirement, I thought we needed a bit of security to help cover the cost of things like funerals. I had a set amount I wanted to spend, and the [British Seniors] cover calculator was a great help allowing me to find the exact amount for my budget. The application was very easy to complete online.”

Alan and his wife plan a long and happy retirement together, so Alan wanted the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®, which is exclusive to British Seniors, and ensures that Alan’s family will receive either the total amount of premiums he pays, or the benefit amount, whichever is more. Alan now has peace of mind that the monthly premiums he contributes beyond the benefit amount, will still add to the pot that he leaves behind for his family.

“The Lifetime Payback Guarantee® was a big part of my decision to choose British Seniors - With other products on the market, should I live a long life I might have paid in more than my family would have received.”

As part of the pot he leaves behind, Alan thought it would be nice to make sure there was something extra for his grandchildren after he passes away, just as his Gran did for him:

“I thought it would be nice to leave something for my grandchildren, so I can use some of it [the British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance, with the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® payout] for that, and obviously, some of it to cover any funeral costs.”