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19 May 2016

Over 50s fashion trends


Guest post from Joesphine Lalwan of Chicatanyage.com


A percentage of women when they reach fifty give up on fashion. They may continue to wear styles that they have worn for many years. If they are happy with this status quo who are we to judge.

Personally I have always been fascinated with fashion. Ever since I was a little girl and spent hours dressing and undressing my dolls. I remember having a tantrum when my mother would not let me buy a frilly pink dress that I fell in love with. As a teenage I spent my pocket money buying copies of Vogue. Then during my late teens Twiggy hit the scene and Mary Quant opened a shop on the Kings Road. Heaven!!

My passion for fashion has never waned. I gravitated towards a career in Fashion PR, first at Browns of South Molton Steet and then with Jaeger. I left to have a family.

However when my children were still young I trained as an Image Consultant and subsequently worked with private clients and in the Corporate market.

At 59 I started my blog Chicatanyage and 7 years later I still spend my time researching the latest fashion trends and adapting them for a more mature market.

I encourage my readers to continue to enjoy and have fun with fashion. It can be so easy to get into a rut at our age. I feel that it is important to re-asses our image from time to time. That does not mean giving up the styles that suit us and are practical for our current lifestyles. However we can add a few key pieces each season that will transform our look from frumpy to fabulous.

Today I think there is a growing number of women over fifty who continue to take an interest in current fashion. We want to look the best that we can. Many of us have identified our signature style. We know which jackets and trouser shapes work for us. We want to find clothes that fit well and are suitable for our changing body shapes. Brands are beginning to wake up to this fact and are designing desirable styles for older women. They include in their ranges dresses with sleeves and skirts that cover the knees.

Many women are beginning to break the old rules and wear what they want. They are choosing clothes that suit their personality and tastes. This might be vintage, boho, classic or whatever styles they love. Some are creating their own trends rather than following what fashion dictates.

As older women I believe that many of us still want to look “au courant”. This can be achieved by updating a “look” with the right on trend accessories. Perhaps this year a new bag, piece of jewellery or up to date shoes.

Where do you consider yourself on this continuum. Do you follow fashion trends? Maybe a few key looks or not at all?