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19 May 2016

Bucket list of places to visit here in the UK



Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve no intention of kicking the proverbial bucket just yet, but I thought I’d share my personal list of places to visit in the UK. Now some of them I confess I’ve done before, some of them many times. The fact is, they’re so good I want to do them again. They’re permanent fixtures on the list!


Edinburgh, Edinburgh Festival and Culloden battlefield

Stunning city that offers so much. I visited Culloden a few years back and was enthralled by this scene of the final confrontation between the Crown and the Jacobite rebels back in 1745. The battlefield is as bleak as it should be but brilliantly looked after by the National Trust with a fabulous visitors centre.


Llyn y fan fach – Carmarthenshire, Wales

I’ve only seen photos of this astonishing looking place, a dammed lake, 1,600 feet above sea level, on the edge of the Black Mountains. I think I’ll find a sunny day for the walk up to the view!


Stargazing somewhere in the country

I lived in cities for much of my life where light pollution means you’re almost unaware of the heavens above you. Having retired to the countryside, my son and I like nothing more than to lie on a couple of sunbeds and marvel at the absolutely mind-blowing number of stars on a dark night. A good iPad App that tells you what’s what is great too!



With its beautiful villages, gorgeous stone work, myriad of small water ways and yes, some cracking pubs, the Cotswolds is a place I never tire of.



I’m not a great shopper but if I have to go, the Lanes in Brighton must be one of the best places to wander with quirky shops set in an historic maze of twisting alleyways. If you’re bored of that there’s fish and chips on the pier or the incredible pavilion, a former sea side home of George IV.


Scottish highlands, Hebrides beaches

Probably cheating but a few things in one here. I toured Scotland during my honeymoon and was totally awe struck by the stunning countryside. Anyone who thinks the UK doesn’t have some amazing beaches needs to check out some of the Hebridean beaches (weather not included)!


Wimbledon centre court

If you can stomach the cost of the champagne and strawberries, there’s nothing quite like a visit to Wimbledon. If you manage to get yourself on centre court, the experience is amazing. I need to go again!



As a proud Englishman, I’ve followed the England rugby team home and away for many years. The goose bumps when “Jerusalem” is sung, the roar of the crowd as England score a try. Magical.


Walk Hadrian’s Wall

Something I’d love to do is spend the time it takes to walk the 84 miles from coast to coast along Hadrian’s Wall. History every step of the way, cosy pubs, market towns and some breath-taking scenery.



While it’s not quite the same as it used to be when you could wander around it as I did as a child, there is still something magnificent about the marvel that is Stonehenge. Along the same lines, the stone circle at nearby Avebury is in some ways even more impressive, with many standing stones, a circle over 1,000 yards in circumference, surrounded by a ditch 60 feet wide.



Yes, the town is lovely, but I do mean the Festival. I’ve been to all the major music festivals in the UK except the one. Has to be on the list even if the thought of being under canvas without a lovely bathroom scares me these days!