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18 Oct 2016

Dating? At my age?


Having divorced some time ago and having two grown up children, I’d pretty much assumed that my dating days were over. I’m on my way to 60 and questioned whether I wanted the hassle, let alone the commitment.

There was also a fairly large practical issue. Where on earth was I going to meet people at my age? Despite having a healthy network of friends, there didn’t seem to be many single ladies in my local, nor could I see myself chatting up someone in the supermarket!

It was in the pub with a couple of pals that internet dating was first mentioned. “The internet” I scoffed, “surely that’s just for losers and wierdos?”

“Should suit you fine then” quipped back my mates who were now in planning mode deciding what sites I should be on. I may as well not have even been there as they merrily discussed my strengths and attributes. There was much discussion on what age Miss Perfect I should be seeking. 40-60 they decided. That was that.

I knew that one friend Paul had actually met his wife online so I did take some proper advice from him. Which sites were possibly better than others, how to build a profile and what to avoid for example. I took some of my better recent photos, very conscious of making sure they really did look like me, and attached them to my newly created profile.

The first time my profile was ‘liked’, I was very excited. Alas, my new fan hadn’t got a picture on her profile. I decided that if I was putting myself out there, I expected any potential date to do the same. So I ignored the ‘like’. I didn’t have to wait long though and before long I’d accumulated a number more. I was feeling pretty chuffed.

‘Likes’ but no emails from anyone though. I sat, like a lemon, and waited. Discussing it with Paul, he laughed, suggested I got off my posterior and started doing the messaging myself. “You’re the bloke, make the first move.” I think was the way he put it. I feel a bit stupid looking back, but I really had just waited for the ladies to approach me!

So, gaining confidence with each reply I reached out to a few whose profiles I liked the look of. All lived within a reasonable car ride, and had interests that meant we’d at least have something in common. Jenny had been the first to catch my eye and I was excited when, after exchanging a few emails, she beat me to it and suggested meeting up.

Arranging to meet at a pub between our two homes I confess I was terrified. I wasn’t so much scared of meeting Jenny, as worried what she’d think of me. I thought of cancelling many times in the build-up but thankfully I didn’t.

After an awkward couple of minutes with both of us a little shy, the chat soon flowed. We left the pub for a nearby restaurant and had a lovely dinner. The evening disappeared and when we said goodbyes I knew I’d like to see her again. We did but though we dated a few times it unfortunately didn’t work out.

However, the confidence that this had given me has spurred me to go on further dates and even though I haven’t met Mrs Right yet, I’ve broadened my social circle and had some great nights out. Dating at my age? You bet!