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19 May 2016

Hobbies, like the times, they are a changin’


I’ve noticed a number of things change as I’ve got older, my interests and hobbies being one of them.  Yes, I’m still as sport mad as I ever was. However, rather than playing sport these days, I have to be content to shout at the TV as I watch it at home. I played just about every sport going when younger, and even decided to start running marathons when I hit 40.

Mid-life crisis anyone? That was the last nail in my knee’s proverbial coffin, and with it the end of my ball chasing days.

I still like books as much as I ever did. In fact, I find the presence of books strangely comforting. Bookshelves full of books, like old friends, always there when you need them.

Sure, I’d like to say I fill my spare time reading them, but I often feel guilty if I just sit and read, like I should be doing something better with my life. I shouldn’t of course, and there is much to be said for both learning new things from books or just losing yourself in a swashbuckling adventure.

I’ve a love of music that means I must have it on in the background. Most of it is now music from my younger days. I remember when my nieces and nephews would laugh at my music, as they themselves listened to the latest ‘off the shelf’ teen idol. Now though, as they’ve reached teenage years, suddenly Uncles music is ‘cool’ and they’re jealous of the times that I’ve moshed with the best of them at various festivals.

Computer and video games were a big part of growing up and I still have the old PlayStation going. Not the latest model of course, as my son is quick to point out. I think you can map the advance and decline of generations by who wins at the FIFA football game. I’d like to say that I was still in command, but my powers are clearly waning!

If you’d have said to me ten years ago that I’d have taken up gardening, I would have certainly scoffed at you. Backbreaking boredom for sure. Now I know gents of a certain age hate to admit we’re wrong, but wrong I confess I was. I’ve now discovered that not only is growing my own vegetables productive, it’s also good fun. Fruit too. Granted, the blueberries and strawberries don’t last long with my stepdaughter around, but she couldn’t eat fruit much healthier than doing so straight off the plant.

I’ve planted apple, pear, peach and even a pomegranate tree, though I confess I’m pushing it expecting much growth in our climate. These young saplings are like new children to me. I worry for their health and try and make sure they are well fed and cared for. You can imagine my anger when a pony got in to the field and chewed the tops off some of them last autumn!

I got re-married last year too and we had the reception at our home. I decided I would grow some of the flowers for the party. Now, whilst I could tell you the difference between a poppy and a sunflower and a bluebell and a daffodil, it wouldn’t go much deeper than that. I confess I still can’t even remember the names of most of what I grew. Who cares? They looked stunning and I was only too pleased to boast that yes, I had grown them myself.

Let’s face it, times change, people change, our hobbies change. I’m still the same me, still game for a laugh and still learning new things.