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30 Jun 2016

The gadgets I love


Now, many of you, when I talk about my latest gadget, may scoff that you thought it was already obsolete. No, it’s true, I don’t buy that many gadgets these days. I used to think I was pretty tech-savvy, but now I watch the youngsters run rings around me and have to accept that the world has moved on.

When I hear my 14 year old waxing on about the benefits of virtual reality and I read that driverless cars are getting very close, I realise that my iPad Mini, is probably not cutting edge.

I confess that when the iPad came out I shrugged, claiming it was not for me. What for? Where was the gap in my life? I had a computer, I had a laptop. I had an iPhone and a company Blackberry. I had everything.

Even when I had a go on a friend’s one, I still wasn’t convinced. It didn’t feel intuitive and for goodness sake, how long would it take to type an email on one of those. Then I was brought one for Christmas. Don’t worry, I was polite…. But secretly still underwhelmed.

I don’t remember when I became convinced for sure but it was probably about the time I realised that it actually looked cooler to have an iPad in the office rather than a laptop. Plus, with a pretty good wireless keyboard, the typing issue I’d made up had gone away.

I grew to like it. Okay I grew to love it. It pretty much replaced the phone, consigning it to be, well a phone. While the laptop was good for the chunkier jobs, the iPad was so much more convenient when it came to email or surfing the net quickly. For most things actually.

Then it got dropped. No one knows who dropped it. It wasn’t me and neither the cats nor the dog, let alone the humans are owning up. Armed with the insurance money, my ever thoughtful wife decided to treat me and replaced it….with an iPad Mini.

Now, at first, this felt like swapping a 60” TV for a portable TV. Yes, it looked sort of the same and yes, it did the same things, but now I had to squint. Nothing fitted on the screen and it was white, not black. I mean really, what am I, 12?!

First impressions can be wrong however. My kids still have iPads as does the wife. Oh the joy of lifting them as if weight training with a “whoa, do you really carry that thing around”? Just as much fun but a fraction of the weight, the Mini is great. I obviously don’t advocate reading in bed with them but hey, sometimes it happens. You try holding an iPad with one hand. Now do it above your face. Huge risk of broken teeth. With the Mini, a dream.

So no, there was no gap in my life for an iPad, let alone an iPad Mini. Now I know, they’d be a huge gap if I didn’t have one!