Over 50s Personal Accident Insurance FAQs

You (and your Partner Life Insured, if applicable) must be United Kingdom Resident/s between 50 and 69 years of age.

Providing you meet these eligibility criteria, we guarantee to accept your application for British Seniors over 50s Personal Accident Insurance.

You can arrange cover simply over the phone on 0800 995 1001 now.

You can select a cover option that suits your needs and budget, from £30,000 up to £500,000 benefit which is paid as a lump sum in the event that you suffer a defined serious injury or death as a result of an accident.

We will pay a benefit in the case of accidental death, or in the case of blindness, deafness or total and permanent loss of use of two limbs, occurring as a direct result of an accident, and where the injury occurs within 12 months of the accident, except in the circumstances explained in "What is not covered?" on this page.

The accidental serious injury must be certified by a Medical Specialist and confirmed by our medical advisers.

In general this product appeals to customers who are seeking to ensure a measure of financial security for their loved ones against the risk of financial loss as a result of an accidental serious injury or accidental death.

When you apply for Over 50s Personal Accident Insurance , you will be provided with a quote. Your quote will depend on the benefit amount, whether you add optional cover and whether you have a single or joint plan.

We will not pay an over 50s Personal Accident Insurance benefit amount in respect of a life insured if the life insured suffers an accidental death or an accidental serious injury directly or indirectly as a result of:

  • an intentional self-inflicted bodily injury; or
  • engaging in any criminal activities or illegal acts; or
  • suicide or attempted suicide; or
  • the consumption of drugs (unless it was under the direction of a Medical Specialist and not in connection with treatment for drug addiction or dependence); or
  • the consumption of intoxicating liquor, including having a blood alcohol content over the prescribed legal limit whilst driving; or
  • engaging in any professional sport (meaning the life insured's livelihood is substantially dependent on income received as a result of playing sport); or
  • engaging in any motor sports as a rider, driver and/or passenger; or
  • war (whether declared or not) or war-like activity, or taking part in a riot or civil commotion; or
  • being a pilot or crew member of any aircraft, or engaging in any aerial activity except as a passenger in a properly licensed aircraft.


You have 30 days from the receipt of your Policy documents, during which time you can cancel your Policy by writing to us or giving us a call. You can still cancel your Policy after 30 days, but you will not get anything back.

No, and there are no intrusive questions about your health and lifestyle.

You can keep your policy until the policy anniversary after your 74th birthday.

The British Seniors Personal Accident Insurance policy is flexible, so you can make changes at any time. For example, if you want to include children in the future, you can add them, or perhaps you want to make an increase or decrease to your benefit amount – that’s fine too.

Automatic benefit amount increases:

The policy features a 5% automatic annual increase to your chosen benefit amount for your Personal Accident Insurance and any optional cover you have. It is applied automatically to your policy on your policy anniversary each year for 10 consecutive years from the policy start date.

For example, a benefit amount of £100,000 will increase by 5% to £105,000 after the first policy anniversary and will reach £150,000 after 10 years.

The benefit amount increase is a great way of increasing your benefit amount over the years, for example, as your family grows. You will be sent a new schedule each year, which will show your new monthly premium recalculated based on the new benefit amount. At this point you have the flexibility of deciding to accept the increase, in which case you wouldn’t need to do anything, or you can let British Seniors Insurance know if you wish to opt-out of it. If you change your mind, you can still opt back in to the 5% benefit amount increases within the 10 years, whatever suits your needs best.

Yes. With Over 50s Personal Accident Insurance you can take out insurance solely on your own life (single plan), or you can choose to include your partner under your policy (joint plan).

When you apply with your partner you can each apply for individual benefit amounts. A benefit can be paid for each life insured under the policy.

There are 3 ways for you or your family to make a claim:

  • Call us FREE on 0800 542 7618
    Monday - Friday from 9am to 7pm
  • E-mail us at service@britishseniors.co.uk
  • Write to us at: British Seniors Insurance Agency, Landmark Place, Windsor Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1JL.

We will send out a claim form to be completed, signed and returned to us.

Note: If the claim is accepted, the insurer will pay the benefit amount to you or, upon your death, to the person who is legally entitled to it and they will refund any premiums paid between the date of serious injury or death and the date the claim is paid.

Customers with an active lifestyle, or a job with risk find personal accident insurance is appealing as this can provide substantial cover which is paid in the event of accidental death, or serious injury. We only have to read the newspaper every day to know that awful accidents can strike anyone, at any time.

Our fully trained life insurance specialists can get your British Seniors Personal Accident Insurance policy arranged for you over the phone in minutes, helping to provide financial security to you or your family.


Call FREE on 0800 995 1001 or get a call back by clicking on the button below.

Our UK based customer service specialists will take you through the options, and give you a quick quote. We can arrange your Policy over the phone, and you can be covered immediately.

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The following will apply regardless:

  • No medical exam and no blood tests required
  • No forms to fill in
  • No intrusive health questions
  • Immediate peace of mind!


Things to consider

  • There is no cash-in value at any time
  • Inflation may reduce the value of your benefit amount

Things you need to consider

  • If you cancel your policy there is no cash-in value
  • Inflation may reduce the value of your benefit amount