Over 50s Life Insurance Comparison

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Option to cash in your policy

British Seniors Over 50s Life Insurance now comes with the unique Cash In option. This gives you 50% of your benefit amount if you decide to cancel your policy from age 80 or after 15 years, whichever is later.



When do you stop paying premiums?

On the policy anniversary following your 95th birthday, or the date you choose the Cash In option

From the policy anniversary following your 90th birthday

3 x Cover From Accidental Death

We will pay 3 times your benefit amount for accidental death.



Guaranteed Acceptance



No Medicals Required



Fixed monthly premiums



Comparison information collected in May 2019.

Things to Consider:

  • Consider the benefit amount you choose as inflation may reduce its buying power over time. If you choose the Increasing Benefit Option, this can help to protect your policy from the effects of inflation
  • Depending on how long you live you may pay in more than we pay out
  • You will be covered immediately for accidental death and for death by any cause after 24 months
  • You can choose to Cash In your policy if you are 80 or after 15 years, whichever is later. There is no cash in value before this date
  • If you choose to take the Cash In amount, your cover will end
  • Cash In value is the return of premiums equal to 50% of the benefit amount and will only change if you change your benefit amount