Over 50s Life Insurance Overview


Over 50s Life Insurance

Lifetime Payback Guarantee
Who can apply?
UK residents aged 50 to 80.
How much cover can I get?
£2,000 up to £20,000 depending on your age.
Do I need to answer any health and lifestyle questions?
No - there are no forms to fill in or questions about your health and lifestyle.
Do I need a medical or visit to my GP?
No - there are no medicals or blood tests, and we will not contact your doctor when you apply.
Am I covered for death by any cause?
Yes - After your policy has been in force for 24 months.
Am I covered for death by accident?
You are covered for accidental death from day one, and if death is the result of an accident, then three times the benefit amount will be paid, or if greater, the total premiums that have been paid towards a life insured’s cover (the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® amount).
Can I add a partner to my Policy?
You can apply for a Single Plan or you can apply to include your partner under your policy (Joint Plan).
Can I add children to my Policy?
Children's cover is not available with this policy.
Will there be an automatic 5% increase to my benefit amount each year?
The amount of cover provided by this policy is fixed and does not change over time. This means that your benefit amount may not keep up with inflation.
Am I covered for whole of life?
Yes - As long as premiums are paid when due.
Is the Policy flexible to make changes to it? E.g. increasing or decreasing your benefit amount.
You can apply to make changes to your policy without any additional administration charges.  NB: If you reduce your benefit amount, your Lifetime Payback Guarantee® amount will be reduced by the same proportion.
Does my policy have the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®?
You can be rest assured that the lump sum benefit amount your loved ones receive will never be less than the premiums you have paid in.
How do I apply?
Call FREE on 0800 995 1001 or get a quote and buy online.