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British Seniors Insurance Agency reveals the weird and wonderful places people would like their ashes to be scattered when they die


Over 50s life insurance provider British Seniors Insurance Agency, has looked into the weird and wonderful places that people want their ashes scattered once they die.  New research has revealed over half (55%) of the UK want to be cremated when they die with only 22% choosing to be buried and 20% unsure. It seems that many Britons already know exactly where they want to be laid to rest despite only 21% of them having some form of life cover in place to cover the costs of their funeral. 

British Seniors Insurance Agency asked consumers where they would like their ashes scattered and the responses ranged from the very sentimental to the downright unusual.  The most popular spots are: at sea; with a loved one; in a graveyard; in a favourite beauty spot; or in their garden.

One of the top places on the nation’s list were their favourite football grounds with venues up and down the country being the most popular selected resting spots including Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, the Emirates Stadium, Loftus Road, Hull City, Elland Road, Anfield, Celtic Park, Ibrox, Dorchester Town FC, Villa Park, all listed as spots where footie fans would like their ashes scattered.

And it seems that UK adults are an intrepid bunch with many wishing for their ashes to make a final journey to far-flung corners of the world with Las Vegas, the Maldives, Canada and the Ganges among popular destinations. 


However when delving into the stranger places people would like to be left, British Seniors Insurance Agency found the following:

The weird and the wonderful










 Dave Sutherland, Managing Director of Neilson Financial Services commented: “ While we know losing a loved one is a very difficult thing to go through, it is wonderful to see that when people think about being laid to rest their plans can be distinctly individual.  And it’s clear that the UK public don’t shy away from doing something out of the ordinary. It is great to see that people are making plans in the event of their death and we want to make sure that the over 50s are making financial arrangements too, so that those left behind won’t be left with the burden of an unexpected bill and can afford to fulfil the wishes of their loved ones when they die.’

“At British Seniors Insurance Agency we offer great value and fully flexible Over 50s life cover – and with our new Lifetime Payback Guarantee® we are setting a new standard in the market by ensuring that our customers get full value for their hard-earned cash as the lump sum their loved ones receive will never be less than the amount they have paid in. We want to encourage people to make sure that they have some form of life cover in place to provide peace of mind when the inevitable happens that they’ve got it covered for their loved ones.’’

We want to encourage people to make sure that they have some form of life insurance or cover in place to provide peace of mind that when the inevitable happens they’ve got it covered for their loved ones.’’



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Notes to Editors

Research carried out by Opinium Research between 15th to 18th January 2016.

  1. 907 respondents said they have not made any plans in the event of their death 907 / 2006 * 50,909,000 = 23,018,177 or 23 million


Product features:

The key product features of British Seniors Life Insurance Over 50s Life Insurance with the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® are:

  • Loved ones will receive the cover amount or the total valid premiums paid in – whichever is more
  • Customers can get benefit amount from £2,000 to £20,000 and premiums start from as little as £6.47 a month (for a 50 year old and £2,000 benefit amount)
  • British Seniors Insurance Agency offers three times the benefit amount from day one for accidental death
  • British Seniors Insurance Agency offers flexibility, allowing amendments or changes to increase or decrease cover amounts without any additional fees or charges (If the benefit amount is reduced the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® will also reduce)
  • Customers (50-79 years old and UK residents) are guaranteed to be accepted with no health or blood tests
  • Should a non-accidental death occur in the first 2 years loved ones will receive all premiums paid in (after 2 years, cover is provided for death due to any cause)
  • Premiums are fixed and do not increase


About British Seniors Insurance Agency:

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