Are Funeral Insurance Plans Safe?

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When it comes to protecting your loved ones, you want to make sure you’re getting it right. With even a basic funeral costing thousands,1 you may want to provide your loved ones with some financial support when they need it most. But how can you make sure you’re choosing a safe and trustworthy plan?

Our Funeral Insurance Plans are designed to help ease some of the financial stress for your loved ones at an emotional time. We understand how important it is for you that your family are taken care of, and we want to put your mind at ease. Let’s look at some of the concerns you may have when choosing a Funeral Insurance Plan.

What is a Funeral Insurance Plan?

A British Seniors Funeral Insurance Plan is a life insurance policy designed to provide a lump sum to your loved ones to help with funeral costs and/or other expenses, when you pass away. The average cost of a funeral over the last five years was £4,515. This can rise to £13,622 for a burial or £12,668 for a cremation, depending on the choices that are made. This kind of cover can help to protect those you leave behind from the burden of final expenses at an already difficult time. any kind of life insurance claim processed could be especially important for your family's finances.

Who regulates Funeral Insurance Plans?

If you’re concerned about the reliability of a Funeral Insurance Plan, you may have questions about who regulates this type of cover to protect customers like you. British Seniors is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can rest assured that our Funeral Insurance Plan, like all of our products, has been held to industry standards.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. With British Seniors, you pay a monthly premium for your Funeral Insurance Plan and if you need to make changes to your plan, you can apply to do so at any stage, free of charge. When you pass away, your family will receive the benefit amount you’ve chosen once they’ve made a valid claim.

How much of my Funeral will be paid for?

Based on our research into UK funeral costs, we offer three different levels of Funeral Insurance Plans with different life insurance benefit amounts. That way, you can easily choose the cover that suits your individual needs and wishes.

Our Gold plan could help with the average cost of a funeral, including personalised elements. Our Silver plan can help with the average cost of a more ‘basic’ funeral, and our Bronze plan is designed to help with a more simple funeral – helping to cover the average cost of a direct cremation.1

Each of our plans are designed to provide a cash lump sum payout for your family when you pass away. This payout can be used to help cover your funeral, or other expenses.

  • Gold offers a life insurance benefit of £5,500
  • Silver offers a life insurance benefit of £4,000
  • Bronze offers a life insurance benefit of £2,000

You’ll also have the option to add an additional top-up to your cover, up to a maximum amount for your age. By doing so, the cost of your monthly premiums may also increase.

  • If you’re aged 50-69, you can top up for a maximum of £10,000 total
  • If you’re aged 70-74, you can top up for a maximum of £9,000 total
  • If you’re aged 75-80, you can top up for a maximum of £6,000 total

When choosing a cover amount, it’s important to consider the benefit amount you choose as inflation may reduce its buying power over time. This may also result in the cover chosen not being sufficient to pay for funeral expenses in full when the time comes.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be covered for the rest of your life so long as you keep up with your monthly premiums. What’s more, you’ll be protected from day one2, so once your plan is in place you can rest assured that there will be some financial support available should your family find themselves planning and paying for your funeral.

What happens to my plan after I die?

After you pass away, your loved ones can make a claim with us, and your legal beneficiary will receive the cash lump sum payout once the claim is successful. They can use this to help with funeral costs and/or other expenses.

We know that losing someone is a stressful and difficult time for any family, so we will do what we can to process the claim as soon as possible, with compassion and care.

Feel proud to protect what matters with British Seniors

With a gold rating for more than three years in a row based on independent customer reviews, we’re proud to be a Feefo Trusted Platinum Merchant. Not only that, we’ve also been awarded with the 10 Years of Excellence Trusted Service Award 2024 by Feefo. Over 200,000 families across Britain have chosen us to help protect their loved ones. Once your policy is in place, you can rest assured your loved ones will be taken care of – in fact, we guarantee 100% of claims will be paid.3 British Seniors has over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an ‘Excellent’ rating, so you can trust that your family will be in good hands.

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Based on figures taken from the British Seniors Funeral Costs Report 2023. According to our report, the total average cost of a funeral was £4,515, the average cost of a 'basic' funeral (includes a funeral director, officiant, doctor’s fee, and a burial) was £2,750. These are the average costs from the years 2018-2023.


Over 50s’s Life Insurance - For a 50-year-old non-smoker with £1,000 of cover


The products offered by British Seniors Insurance Agency are provided by AIG Life Limited, who approved and paid 100% of all British Seniors claims received in 2022, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.