How Over 60 Life Insurance can help protect your family

It’s a common misconception that finding reasonably priced life insurance is near impossible once you reach 60. The truth is, as we grow older, we’re more susceptible to health conditions associated with old age, which means that life insurance can be more expensive the older we get. While a standard life insurance policy might not be a suitable option if you’re in your retirement years, we offer a range of plans specifically designed to help meet the needs of anyone aged 50 to 80. If you’re aged 60+, you’re guaranteed acceptance with British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance.

Whether you’re concerned about securing life insurance with existing health conditions or you need a short-term solution to protect your loved ones, you could still consider life insurance at 60 and beyond. In fact, our policies are designed with you in mind. It’s easy to leave behind a lump sum to help your family cover the cost of your funeral or other expenses.


Why take out Over 60 Life Insurance?

A life insurance benefit is commonly used to help with funeral costs. That being said, it could be used for any number of things. Maybe you would like to help pay outstanding bills or leave a small nest egg for your loved ones?

  • To help with the cost of your funeral
  • To leave behind money for end-of-life expenses
  • To leave a cash gift for your loved ones
  • To substitute death in service when entering your retirement years

How much does Life Insurance cost?

The monthly cost of your life insurance will depend on several factors, from your choice of protection to your age. The amount you pay will never increase unless you choose to add the Increasing Benefit Option to help protect your policy from the effects of inflation. With British Seniors there’s no need to break the bank, it’s possible to get Over 50 Life Insurance from as little as £4.32 a month depending on your age.1

Here’s what could affect the cost of your monthly premiums:

  • Your age at the time of applying
  • Your smoker status
  • How much cover you need
  • Whether it’s a single or joint policy
  • Whether you choose a level or increasing policy

Why British Seniors?

We believe that protecting your family is the most important thing you can do in life. Since 2012, we’ve helped over 200,000 people across the UK to do just that. We’re life insurance specialists that keep things simple and straightforward so you can get the cover you need, when you need it.


100% of claims will be paid²

So you can trust that when the time comes, we will be here to help your family


Your premiums will never go up

We guarantee that what you pay for your policy each month will stay the same3

You'll speak to a real person

We guarantee you’ll be in touch with a real person based right here in the UK

Why get Over 50 Life Insurance with British Seniors?

  • Affordable – Get cover from as little as £4.32 per month1
  • Guaranteed payout – Choose up to £10,000 of cover depending on your age
  • Guaranteed acceptance – For UK residents aged 50 to 80
  • Immediate cover – For accidental death, plus death by any cause after 12 months
  • No medicals, blood tests or complicated forms – Easy to arrange in one simple phone call
  • FREE access to Health and Wellbeing services4
  • Choose a £125 Gift Card* from, M&S or Tesco with every policy
  • Free Will Kit worth £100
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Things to Consider

  • Inflation may reduce value of cover. If you choose the Increasing Benefit Option, this can help to protect your policy from the effects of inflation
  • You may pay in more than we pay out
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will get nothing back

How much cover do I need?

When it comes to choosing a level of cover, it’s not so much about what life insurance can do for you, but what it can do for your loved ones. As you reach your sixties, it’s natural to begin thinking about what you will be leaving behind for the people you love. Securing life insurance in your sixties could help protect your loved ones from inherited debt or unmanageable end-of-life expenses.

As you get older, you might need cover while living with poor health, some financial support for your family when it comes to planning your funeral, or a large sum of money to help them cover debts. Whatever your needs, British Seniors may have just the right solution. We offer a range of options for those aged 60 and over. You can also learn more about what Life Insurance could do for you in our helpful guide.

Bear in mind, you need to consider your ability to keep up with your monthly premiums now and in the future. If you’re unsure of how much cover you need, our friendly UK based team are on hand to help you choose the right level of cover for you.


Over 60 Life Insurance FAQs

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How to get Over 60 Life Insurance

Our policies are designed to help those aged 50 and over protect their loved ones from funeral costs and other expenses. We make it easy to put affordable cover in place. You don’t need to provide a medical or blood tests, and acceptance is guaranteed for UK residents aged 50-80. You can get a quote in a matter of seconds and once it’s sorted, you can relax knowing you’ve done your family proud.

Our friendly UK based team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. To get in touch, call us on 0800 803 0052, Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays). And if it suits you better, we can call you.

If you are over the age of 60, you can also buy Over 50 Life Insurance online. It should only take a few minutes and everything you need to know will be presented to you in a clear and concise manner.

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£125 Gift Card, for new policy holders only, after six successful monthly payments and once your total premiums paid exceeds the value of your Gift Card. Restrictions apply, see View full terms and conditions here.


For a 50-year-old non-smoker with £1,000 of cover.


The products offered by British Seniors Insurance Agency are provided by AIG Life Limited, who approved and paid 100% of all British Seniors claims received in 2022, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.


Prices stay the same unless you choose our Increasing Benefit Option. If you choose this, your premiums and benefit amount will increase each year to help combat inflation.


Please note that the British Seniors Health and Wellbeing services do not form part of your life cover contract and can be changed or removed at any time. These services are only available to customers who purchased their policy on or after 15th November 2023.