Getting Life Insurance With Poor Health

As we get older, whether we like it or not, the years can catch up with us. 


We simply can’t take good health for granted anymore. Once we reach our 50s, the likelihood that we’ll be affected by one of the more common chronic illnesses increases significantly, on top of the accumulated wear and tear on our bodies. In fact, one study in 2016 found that only one in four over 50s today do not have a serious health condition.   


Getting sick is worrying enough, without having to factor in the impact illness could make financially. After all, there are still mortgages and bills to pay, not to mention contributions to make towards family milestones such as weddings, christenings and so on.


None of us wants to choose between taking care of ourselves if we became ill and providing financially for our family after we're gone. So, it’s important to have insurance in place that helps you do both. 


What if you became ill?


Falling seriously ill is usually enough to give us a wake up call when it comes to organising financial protection for those we will leave behind. By then, it’s often too late. 

However, what many people don’t know is that they can still obtain cover for their family through Over 50s life insurance, even in poor health. Many more assume, incorrectly, that ill health will exclude them from cover. With British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance, you won't be denied cover just because you're not in perfect health. 


Getting Over 50 Life Insurance with health problems


With our Over 50s policy, you are guaranteed cover, whatever your state of health. We don’t even require a medical, so there’s no need to go through the stressful experience of passing a fitness test just to gain peace of mind. That is as long as you are a UK resident, aged 50 to 80, you are guaranteed to be accepted for our Over 50s policy.


When we're dealing with everyday health concerns, we don't need financial worries on top. If you’re suffering from any of the common health issues that affect the over 50s, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease or high blood pressure, you can still obtain the same benefit for your family as if you were fully fit.


Likewise, if you have a history of smoking or alcohol use – factors that usually drive up the cost of life insurance (or preclude cover altogether) – you can still look to help protect your family using our Over 50s Life Insurance.


One less thing to worry about


We might not all feel the same about reaching our 50s, but we should enjoy equal treatment when it comes to preparing for the years ahead. Seniors who are already afflicted by illness or disease shouldn’t carry the extra burden of financial uncertainty.


Even with poor health, British Seniors can help


If you’re aged 50-80 and you’re a UK resident, you’re guaranteed cover with British Seniors Over 50s Insurance. You can select a benefit amount from £1,000 to £10,000 depending on your age. Payments also start from as low as £3.72 a month for a 50-year-old with £1,000 benefit amount.


That gives you an affordable way to cover the most urgent expenses your family will be faced with when you’re gone, from funeral costs to outstanding debts. What’s more, you’re covered for accidental death from the moment your policy is in place, while cover for death by natural causes applies after only 12 months. 


Because there’s no medical to endure or health questions to answer, you could arrange your Over 50s Life Insurance with a single phone call. Ready to help put financial protection in place for your family? Apply for a free quote or purchase a policy online today with British Seniors.