When Should You Get Over 50’s Life Insurance?

when should you get over 50 life insurance?

Hitting 50 is a major milestone in a person’s life. Oddly enough, while many of us spend our 30s and 40s dreading the big 5-0, it actually comes as quite a relief when the birthday candles come out.

That's because many of us reach 50 feeling just as active and restless as we did decades before. It turns out that 50 isn’t as old as we were led to believe. We’re more relaxed in our skin, we have more time to spare, and many of us will be more secure financially.

By the age of 50, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of wisdom too, particularly when it comes to finances. And that means sound financial planning through life insurance. Here’s some equally sound advice: you're ready to start thinking about life cover as soon as you're in your 50s. In fact, the earlier you start, the greater your benefit cover. You’ll still get a competitive deal in your 50s, but premium rates start to climb with every year, so sooner is better. 

If you're feeling a little tentative about the process, there's no need to worry. One of the great things about arranging cover before you turn 50 is that you won't have to undergo medical examinations. 

Get peace of mind

If you’re nearing your 50s, you’ll probably have spent most of your adult life taking care of your family. The kids you’ve raised will be about to fly the nest and you’re getting ready to enjoy the home you’ve made all to yourself again. It’s time to treat yourself, isn’t it?

There’s one final item to settle before you put your feet up. Life has a tendency to make other plans, and the last thing you want is for your family to have to face a future without you.

Of course, it’s not something any of the family will want to talk about, but at least you can lead the conversation. It only takes a few minutes to arrange Over 50s life cover, then you’ll have peace of mind for years knowing that if you were no longer there, your family can pay off funeral expenses or outstanding debts.

Did you know that the average cost of a funeral in the UK is over £4,000? That kind of expense is challenging to settle at the best of times, but imagine your family having to cope with it during their worst moments.

Many hard-working families simply can’t, and they find themselves dealing not just with the loss of a loved one and a breadwinner, but also with finances that have been thrown into disarray. In those circumstances, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that you’d made arrangements for someone to pick up the bills left behind? That’s the peace of mind you get with life insurance.

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Always have a plan

You’ve been saving for most of your life - for a car, a wedding, a house, your retirement and more. All those plans are about to come to fruition, but there’s one more you can add to the list.

Now is the time to start paying towards your Over 50s Life Insurance policy, while you still have a regular salary. With our competitive fixed monthly premiums, you won’t notice the difference, but you’ll get the maximum benefit of our policies.

As you near your 50s, you’ll probably be entering the final phases of pension and mortgage payments. Some people are understandably reluctant to add yet another premium to the load, until they find out that Over 50s life insurance cover can be as low as £3.72 a month. That’s less than the price of a pint.

Still got questions?

If you’re thinking about arranging life insurance, you’ve already done the hard part. Setting up your Over 50s policy with British Seniors couldn’t be easier. Just pick up the phone or go online to get your quote.

We’re renowned for our flexible, no nonsense policies, and outstanding customer service from UK-based call centres. Let us know the benefit you require, and we can have your policy set up in a flash.