How Does Over 50 Life Insurance Work?

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You don’t stop making plans for the future when you reach your 50s. Far from it! It's a time to make plans on how to spend your retirement, plans for hobbies and travel, and above all, plans for what would happen if you were no longer there.

For you and your family’s peace of mind, it’s important to prepare. Nothing shows your loved ones how much you care like leaving life insurance to cover funeral expenses and outstanding debts. And you’re never too young to get started...

How does British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance work?

Our cover is designed for over 50s who want to provide a fixed lump sum for their loved ones to cover funeral expenses and other costs in the event of their death. Protection is guaranteed if you’re a UK resident aged 50-80. You could arrange your policy in next to no time...

Am I eligible?

If you’re aged between 50-80 and you’re a UK resident, you’re guaranteed acceptance. You can apply for a single policy, or a joint policy for you and your spouse/civil partner. In either case, you don’t have to go through health checks or answer medical questions. Just sign up and enjoy the peace of mind.

What's covered?

As soon as your policy is in place, you’re covered immediately in case of accidental death. Your family will receive twice your benefit amount should you die as a result of an accident. After 12 months, your cover extends to death by any other cause. This also includes worldwide cover – so you can enjoy peace of mind wherever you go.

British Seniors

Over 50 Life Insurance
Unfortunately, we can’t be there for our families when we die, but we can make sure they’re financially secure.

How do I choose a plan?

We offer a range of whole-of-life policy plans with a choice of benefit amounts from £1,000 to £10,000. Your premiums will depend on your age, the start date of your policy and whether or not you smoke. Don’t worry too much about age, we always have options available to protect your loved ones from financial worries.

Maximum benefit amounts are as follows:

  • Ages 50 to 69 - up to £10,000
  • Ages 70 to 74 - up to £9,000
  • Ages 75 to 80 - up to £6,000

How much cover do I need?

When looking to protect your family, choosing the right amount of cover is vital. With so many factors to consider, it can seem hard to figure out where to begin. That’s why we’ve introduced our handy life insurance calculator, which will consider things like outstanding debts, other financial protection you may have and how much cover you’d like to leave behind. This can help you find an amount of cover that is affordable but at the same time offers a benefit amount that ensures you can continue to live life with peace of mind that your loved ones are protected.

Why choose British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed payout – Choose up to £10,000 of cover depending on your age
  • Guaranteed acceptance – For UK residents aged 50 to 80
  • Immediate cover – For accidental death, plus death by any cause after 12 months
  • No medicals or blood tests needed
  • No complicated forms – Easy to arrange in one simple phone call

Am I covered immediately?

Yes. You’re covered for accidental death immediately, and after 12 months you’re covered for death by any cause.

How does my family get my benefits after I die?

We understand that it's a stressful time, so we make it easy to claim. We aim to approve claims within days of receiving them. Here's how to start your claim:

Call us on 0800 542 7618

Email us at

Write to us at British Seniors Insurance Agency, PO Box 6063, Windsor, SL4 9GL

Are Life Insurance pay-outs taxable?

There is usually no income or capital gains tax to pay out on a life insurance policy, but Inheritance Tax at 40% currently applies to any estate over £325,000. If this is likely to affect your arrangements, one choice is to place your policy into trust.

One more thing. We’re renowned for our excellent, friendly team of UK-based specialists. Ready to find out more? Give us a call on 0800 803 0052. We’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm, Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).

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