What is Accidental Death Cover?

accidental death cover

Most of our customers take out Over 50s Life Insurance as part of a long-term plan. It's their way of looking after their families years from now - they’re taking care of future funeral costs and bills while still young enough to take advantage of affordable monthly premiums. 

Eventually, one of the main causes of death (whether it is heart disease, stroke or cancer) comes calling for most of us. With life insurance, we can at least reduce the impact of the inevitable.

But that doesn’t mean the Over 50s policy isn’t ready to go right from the start. You’re covered immediately for Accidental Death (whereas cover for death by any cause starts after 24 months), and the payout for Accidental Death is three times your chosen benefit. 

What do we mean by ‘Accident’ and ‘Accidental Death’?

All of us know that we will die eventually, but not how we will die. Statistically, heart disease, stroke and cancer claim the majority of lives after age 50, so most of us will succumb to a disease or condition that proves to be terminal.

But sometimes death is ‘Accidental’, with no warning and with a devastating effect on the family. These include transport accidents, workplace accidents, and even murder. In insurance terms, 'Accidental Death' occurs within 90 days of an ‘Accident’ causing violent, external bodily injury.

Note that it does not refer to self-inflicted injury, such as suicide, or activities where there is an inherent risk of injury (such as war, extreme sports, drug use, or injury while intoxicated). 

What happens if you suffer an Accidental Death?

Whereas your cover for death by any cause starts after 24 months on your policy, the Accidental Death benefit is payable immediately - and remains in place for the duration of your policy.

Should you suffer accidental death, we will pay out three times your benefit amount (up to a maximum of £60,000). It's one of the many benefits of over 50 life insurance.

So if you take out an Over 50s Life Insurance policy with a benefit amount of £10,000 today, but suffer death by accident tomorrow, your family will receive £30,000. 

Why British Seniors is the best on the market?

If you die suddenly, it’s even more important that those you leave behind receive fast, fair and sympathetic treatment from your insurer, because you won’t have the opportunity to put your affairs in order.

It comes down to trust. You want the peace of mind that in your family’s darkest hour they’re not going to have to wrestle with an insurer who is delaying and questioning. That’s never been the British Seniors’ way.

We respond fast, handle enquiries from UK-based call centres, and make providing a human, trustworthy service our priority. It’s why we’ve received a Five-Star Gold Trust Service Award on Feefo and have a five-star rating on Defaqto. 

The most affordable Accidental Death cover on the market?

We all know that insurance can be expensive, but Over-50s Life Insurance is some of the most affordable cover you can buy.

For example, you can set up your cover for as little as 13p a day. Just think about that for a second: your family could receive the substantial financial cushion of a £60,000 lump sum, and it would only cost you a few pounds a month to set up. And that’s not all. If you reach the age of 95, your policy is free. 

We get a lot of enquiries about our Accidental Death cover, probably because it’s the outcome many of us secretly worry about most. So take the opportunity to respond with a policy that gives you peace of mind while you’re alive and kicking.