Is Over 50 Life Insurance Worth it?

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re collecting the keys to your first house, the next you’re helping your kids move out. At a certain point, we all start to look at things a little differently.

Maybe you’re thinking about 'getting your affairs in order' and planning in case something happens to you or your partner.

It’s only natural to worry about how your loved ones will cope with the cost of a funeral or outstanding debts and expenses. Losing a close friend or a family member over the years can bring this into much sharper focus – unfortunately, anyone who has said goodbye to a loved one knows how expensive it can be.

If you would like to secure peace of mind and feel proud to protect your loved ones, it might be time to consider Over 50 Life Insurance.

Why it could be worth getting Over 50 Life Insurance

It can be tempting to avoid thinking about what might happen after we pass away. Thinking about these kinds of things can be stressful and cause a lot of worry. By getting Over 50 Life Insurance, you are taking action to help both yourself and your loved ones. For just a few pounds a month, you can help protect your loved ones from the financial pressure of paying for a funeral.

With Over 50 Life Insurance, your family will receive a cash lump sum benefit when you die. This lump sum can help your loved ones with a funeral or other end-of-life expenses. According to our research, the average funeral cost in the UK is £4,515. This doesn’t include the potential cost of all the elements that could go into a funeral service. With these included, the average costs could easily reach £13,622 for a burial or £12,668 for a cremation.

By choosing to get Over 50 Life Insurance you can make a difference for your family. It could mean settling a funeral bill comfortably or struggling to find the money at short notice. It could be the difference between your family saying goodbye on their terms and being tied up in debt. Life insurance can help you to feel proud that you’ve protected the ones you love.

How the British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance Policy works

With our Over 50 Life Insurance policy, you pay a fixed premium each month towards your policy, and your legal beneficiaries (whether it's your spouse, partner or family members) receive a lump sum benefit when you die.

The maximum benefit available to you depends on your age at the start of the policy. So, if you take out your policy aged 50-69, you can choose a benefit amount from £1,000 - £10,000. Aged 70-74, you can get up to £9,000. If you take out a policy aged 75-80, your maximum benefit will be £6,000 - that still could be enough to make a difference when it comes to helping cover the cost of your funeral.

Once you take out the policy, you are immediately covered for accidental death, however, there is a 12-month waiting period before you’re covered for death due to any cause. Once the waiting period is up, you can rest assured that you’re fully covered.

What are some of the benefits of British Seniors Over 50 Life Insurance?

Apart from securing peace of mind and protection for the ones you love, there are plenty of other reasons to consider Over 50 Life Insurance from British Seniors. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing us to help protect your family:

  • We guarantee 100% of claims will be paid2
  • Guaranteed cash payout – Choose up to £10,000 of cover depending on your age
  • Guaranteed your premiums will never go up3
  • Guaranteed acceptance for UK residents aged 50-80
  • Immediate cover for accidental death, plus death by any cause after 12 months
  • FREE access to health and well-being services4
  • No medicals or blood tests needed
  • We guarantee you will speak to a real person in a UK Call Centre
  • No forms - Easy to arrange in one simple phone call
  • Choose a £125 Gift Card from, M&S or Tesco with every policy*
  • Free Will Kit worth £100
  • Accidental death cover – depending on your age, get 2X your benefit amount paid out up to £20,000 if death is due to an accident
  • Free £300 Funeral Benefit Option, gives a FREE £300 contribution towards the cost of your funeral5

Things to Consider

Here are some of the key things to consider before purchasing a British Seniors over 50s life insurance policy:

  • Inflation may reduce value of cover. If you choose the Increasing Benefit Option, this can help to protect your policy from the effects of inflation.
  • You may pay in more than we pay out.
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will get nothing back.

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What's the price of peace of mind?

You might think that getting your policy is a complicated process but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With British Seniors, you don’t even have to do a medical examination. We won’t ask you any health or medical questions. Once you’re a UK resident aged 50-80, you’re guaranteed acceptance.

It’s easy to set up your policy over the phone or online, then once you keep up with your monthly payments, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your family will receive the support they need when you die.

Choose peace of mind, choose British Seniors

We always want to be open and honest about our policies, that’s why we always remind customers to consider inflation when choosing a benefit amount. Inflation may reduce the buying power of your benefit amount over time. That’s why we offer an Increasing Benefit Option that may help you protect your benefit amount from the effects of inflation.

You still have plenty of time to weigh up your options when it comes to an Over 50 Life Insurance policy, but you shouldn’t take that for granted. We could fall victim to a serious illness or accident at any time. If that were to happen, wouldn’t it be nice knowing you’ve left something behind for the ones you love?

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£125 Gift Card, for new policy holders only, after six successful monthly payments and once your total premiums paid exceeds the value of your Gift Card. Restrictions apply, see View full terms and conditions here.


For a 50-year-old non-smoker with £1,000 of cover.


The products offered by British Seniors Insurance Agency are provided by AIG Life Limited, who approved and paid 100% of all British Seniors claims received in 2022, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.


Premiums will never increase unless you choose the Increasing Benefit Option.


Please note that the British Seniors Health and Wellbeing services do not form part of your life cover contract and can be changed or removed at any time. These services are only available to customers who purchased their policy on or after 15th November 2023.


If you choose an unattended cremation, please note that the £300 contribution will not apply. An unattended cremation means any cremation where there is no funeral service, funeral procession (or other services such as family viewing, limousine(s), embalming or delivery of ashes). The cremation is arranged at a crematorium at a date and time chosen by the allocated funeral director and without anyone attending other than the funeral director’s staff.