Benefits Of Over 50 Life Insurance

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As you reach your 50s, certain expenses ease off, such as the cost of raising children or perhaps mortgage repayments or other loans. You might now have the option to put some money towards your long-term financial plans.

Even if you're at the peak of your earning potential, it's important to prepare for the unexpected. Things can change quickly, and should tragedy strike, the costs could put your family under pressure. Over 50 Life Insurance can be a great solution to this kind of uncertainty.

Here’s the good news - it’s never too late for life insurance and it’s easier than ever to secure a policy. 

A plan for the future

When you have life insurance in place, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your family will receive help when the time comes. Better still, you can actually plan for it and tackle each challenge or obstacle while you still can.

Let's face it - death is inevitable, it's something that happens every single day. But that doesn't change the fact that each death is a tragedy to someone. The death of a loved one can change lives but it doesn’t have to result in financial stress on top of grief.

Funds to settle any bills

It's not just fond memories and personal belongings you'll leave behind. In some cases, your outstanding bills will need to be taken care of too. Do you know who will be picking them up? Even if you’ve put your affairs in order, your funeral itself could trigger financial collapse for your family.

The average cost of funerals in the UK are rising every year. One major factor affecting this is inflation. Although many of us assume the cost of our funeral will be covered by our estate, families are often forced to take out 'payday' loans to cover funeral costs for our loved ones. Some even resort to using credit cards. In short, a death in the family often means a substantial bill to pay in distressing circumstances.

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Over 50 Life Insurance
With Over 50 Life cover at the ready, those you leave behind can reach for the support you've put in place.
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There’s one cost that is affordable  

One common misconception about Over 50 Life Insurance is that it's out of reach financially. Let’s put that one to bed. You decide what you can comfortably afford to pay each month. You can always request to make changes to your benefit amount/monthly premiums should your financial situation change. This kind of life insurance could help you provide support for your family even if you’re over 60, without breaking the bank.  

For example, you can have a policy in place for as little as £4.32 a month* and your insurance premiums won’t go up unless you choose the Increasing Benefit Option or you decide to make a change to your benefit amount.

Insurance that’s flexible

We’re used to thinking of insurance in terms of small print and jargon, which puts many people off before they’ve even started. That's why British Seniors promise to make things as straightforward and convenient as possible. We're here to be a helping hand, no-nonsense, no fuss. What you see is what you get - and if you do decide to increase or decrease your premiums, there won't be any additional fees or unexpected charges.

Fast payout when you need it

We understand that there’s no use in having all the cover in the world if it’s not available when your loved ones need it. And when it’s time to act, we make it as convenient as possible. We aim to settle the majority of claims within just a few working days.

All your beneficiary has to do is call our UK-based customer care centre, send an email, or post us a letter - and we get the ball rolling. 

*For a 50-year-old non-smoker with £1,000 of cover.

Arrange your cover today

You can arrange Over 50 Life Insurance with a phone call - no medical required and no health questions to answer. All we need to know is if you're a smoker. When there’s the possibility of putting in place years of cover in a matter of minutes, it’s a no-brainer.

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