Benefits Of Over 50 Life Insurance

As you reach your 50s you might find you’re spending less on paying your mortgage, raising your kids, or paying back loans. Which means you might now have the option to put some money towards your long-term financial plans.

Even if you're at the peak of your earning potential and you’re not concerned about finances right now, it's important to prepare for the unexpected. Things can change quickly, and should tragedy strike, the costs could put your family under pressure. Over 50 Life Insurance can be a great solution to this kind of uncertainty.

Here’s the good news — it’s never too late for life insurance and it’s easier than ever to secure a policy. 

A plan for the future

Life is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the unexpected. When you buy life insurance, you’re making a plan for the future that ensures your family have some financial help when it’s needed most. Avoiding thinking about it could leave your loved ones struggling to pay for your funeral and other expenses when you’re gone. But spending just a little bit of time on it now could make all the difference down the line.

It could help with bills

When you die, it's not just fond memories and personal belongings you'll leave behind. In some cases, your outstanding bills will need to be taken care of too. Do you know who will be picking them up? Even if you’ve put your affairs in order, there could be expenses that pop up unexpectedly and cause your loved ones stress.

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is rising every year. According to our Funeral Costs Report 2022, you could pay up to £8,000 for a funeral in the UK, depending on the personalisation and choices made. 35% of respondents in our Funeral Planning survey said they have not yet set any money aside for their own funeral, while 26% of those questioned for our Funeral Opinions survey think that if they were to suffer a family bereavement now they would not be able to afford to cover the cost of a funeral. In short, a death in the family often means a substantial bill to pay in distressing circumstances.

British Seniors

Over 50 Life Insurance
Help protect your loved ones from funeral costs and other unexpected expenses with cover you can feel proud of.

It can be affordable  

One common misconception about Over 50 Life Insurance is that it's out of reach financially. Let’s put that one to bed. With British Seniors, you decide what you can comfortably afford to pay each month. You can always request to make changes to your benefit amount/monthly premiums should your financial situation change. This kind of life insurance could help you provide support for your family, without breaking the bank.

It's flexible

Life doesn’t always go to plan, and things can change quickly. Which is why we’ve designed cover than can keep up. We're here to be a helping hand, no-nonsense, no fuss. What you see is what you get — and if you do decide to increase or decrease your premiums, there won't be any additional fees or unexpected charges.

It can help keep your family healthy

When you take out Over 50 Life Insurance with British Seniors, you’ll have access to a range of free Health and Wellbeing services.3 These are available to you, your partner, and any children you have up to the age of 21. They include 24/7 UK GP advice, expert nutritionist advice and mental health support. So you can help take care of your family in the future, and right now.

Fast payout when you need it

There’s no use in having all the cover in the world if it’s not available when your loved ones need it. When the time comes, we make submitting a claim as simple and straightforward as possible. We pay out 100% of claims,2 so you can trust that when the time comes, we will be here to help your family.

Arrange your cover today

You can arrange Over 50 Life Insurance with a quick phone call. If you’re a UK resident aged 50 to 80, your application is guaranteed to be accepted. Which means no medicals, blood tests, or long complicated forms. With cover in place you can feel proud of the legacy you’re leaving behind.

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Please note that the British Seniors Health and Wellbeing services do not form part of your life cover contract and can be changed or removed at any time. These services are only available to customers who purchased their policy on or after 15th November 2023.


The products offered by British Seniors Insurance Agency are provided by AIG Life Limited, who approved and paid 100% of all British Seniors claims received in 2022, in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.