Can I Afford To Die?

Our 2023 British Seniors Funeral Report states that the cost of a funeral could reach up to £13,622 or more depending on the choices you make. For many, this is a significant sum to come up with at short notice and for the average UK family, it could be deemed unaffordable.

How much does a funeral cost?

In 2019, the CMA launched an investigation into a drastic year-on-year increase in funeral prices.1 The organisation realised that there was growing concern around long-term, above-inflation price increases across funeral director fees, burial and cremation fees. They found that there was also seemingly no consistency in pricing across funeral directors, burial and cremation fees in the same localities, not to mention a lack of transparency of pricing information.

Our 2023 Funeral Report placed the average total cost of a funeral over the last five years at £4,515. Depending on your choices, average costs could easily reach £13,622 for a burial or £12,668 for a cremation.

The current state of the funeral industry in recent years could leave you wondering ‘can I afford to die?’.

If you’re concerned about how funeral costs may impact your loved ones, you could always take precautions and prepare as best you can. We’re here to help you gain a better understanding of the costs associated with funerals. We’ll also look at how you can potentially reduce funeral expenses and some of the ways in which you could help cover these costs.

How are Brits covering funeral costs?

Here's a breakdown of the ways in which respondents are planning to pay for their own funeral based on data from our 2023 Funeral Report:

Do you have money set aside, or life insurance for your own funeral?

  • 36% - Life Insurance (which will cover funeral costs)
  • 26% - I have sufficient cash savings for my own funeral
  • 20% - General purpose Life Insurance
  • 19% - Specific Funeral Insurance
  • 16% - Pension which includes Death Benefits
  • 13% - Death in service benefits from my employer

What can affect funeral costs?


Where you are holding the funeral could significantly affect the cost. Funeral director’s fees, burial and cremation fees fluctuate significantly in price from place to place and location can significantly affect the cost of saying goodbye. For instance, you’ll likely pay the least for a funeral in Northern Ireland but the most in London.2

Using a funeral director

While using a funeral director could take away the stress of organising a funeral during an already difficult time, it can have a big effect on the funeral bill. Our 2023 Funeral Report showed that £1,063 is the average cost of a funeral director. It should be noted though that since prices vary so much across the funeral industry, comparing prices could save you money.

Choice of discretionary items

The personalisation of a funeral is often a big factor in cost as discretionary items like flowers and memorials could add hundreds to the bill. Flowers, memorials and obituaries are some of the things worth pricing and comparing for the best value.

How can I get help with funeral costs?

One way that you could help your loved ones with funeral costs is by securing an Over 50 Life Insurance policy. As the UK’s #1 rated provider of Over 50s Life Insurance, we’re proud to protect thousands of British families across the UK.3 With British Seniors, you can secure your policy in minutes online or over the phone. Our Over 50 Life Insurance has guaranteed acceptance for any UK resident aged 50-80. With a life insurance policy in place, you can feel proud knowing you've helped protect what matters most.

You choose a suitable benefit amount and a rate of monthly premiums you can afford. As long as you keep up with your monthly payments, you know that your loved ones will receive a lump sum payment when you pass away.

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