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What is Over 50 Life Insurance?

What is Over 50 Life Insurance?

April 12, 2022

Not sure of where to start with Over 50 Life Insurance? Here's an explanation of what it is and how it could help you and your loved ones.  

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Loneliness In Later Life

Loneliness In Later Life

September 30, 2021

For many of us, loneliness is just a part of growing older. So, what can we do to alleviate feelings of loneliness? 

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Funeral Costs Report 2021

September 27, 2021

Gain a better understanding of funeral costs and planning with this helpful report.

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Coming to Terms with Death

August 24, 2021

Here’s how coming to terms with death can benefit you and your loved ones.

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What Happens to My Insurance After a Divorce?

August 17, 2021

Divorce is a stressful time, but when it comes to your joint life insurance, we can help make things a little clearer. 

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Get Your Free Gift: £100 M&S Gift Card for All New Policyholders

July 20, 2021

£100 M&S Gift Card for all new British Seniors customers.

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What is Probate?

July 6, 2021

Find out some of the most important details you should be aware of with the Probate process.

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Finding Fulfilment in Retirement

June 22, 2021

Adjusting to retirement can be tricky, find out a few ways to find fulfilment in your retirement.

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Is a Joint Funeral Insurance Plan Right For Us?

June 8, 2021

Find out how a joint Funeral Insurance Plan could help both of you prepare for the future...

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£100 M&S Gift Card, for new policy holders only, after six successful monthly payments and once your total premiums paid exceeds the value of your Gift Card. View full terms and conditions here.