Country walks, like tea, cricket and sarcasm, are a quintessentially British pastime. There’s nothing like pulling on a fleece and a waterproof jacket and heading out for the nearest bit of countryside with the dog to get muddy trousers and aching feet – what else would we do with our weekends?

With such a vast amount of historical importance and cultural influence, sightseeing in the UK is a massive industry – you could spend your entire life just going around the important churches and cathedrals of the British Isles. If you’re sightseeing in the UK, there are places, museums and attractions to suit every interest and passion.

Sailing is in the blood of every Briton, even if we don’t have any relatives or ancestors who were in the Navy or were involved with boats in any way. We have a natural aptitude for it – even if we can’t get our heads around knots and sails, we’re all relatively at home on the water.

There are those who think that golf should be the national British sport, and they might be right – after all, we invented it. It combines skill, technique and precision like nothing else, and you will never play the same game twice. St. Enodoc and Kirkistown Castle, for example, are very different courses, requiring experience and a cool head to perform well on.

Britain’s countryside is awe-inspiring, but it can be difficult to reach the more remote parts by public transport, or to find somewhere to stay once you’ve arrived. In cases like these, caravans are the ideal solution.