Does My Life Insurance Cover Me While Living Abroad?

Something that we Brits love to do is spend some time in the sun. As we get older, we get plenty of opportunities to do just that. In retirement, you might even be planning to spend half the year in your own place in the sun. It might even be the thing you’re looking forward to most about retirement.

However, something that you might not have considered is your life insurance. It’s natural to wonder whether you’re covered. You might even be wondering what happens when you pass away abroad. In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about Over 50 Life Insurance while living abroad.

What happens if you pass away abroad?

We all know that tragedy most often strikes when you least expect it. That's why it's important to be aware of what to do should the worst happen. Here are some important things you should be aware of in the initial stages following a death outside of the UK.

Notifying the British Authorities

When we say ‘British Authorities’, we mean places like the nearest British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. They can give you all the information you would need to know about making arrangements.

If you happen to be at home and a loved one passes away abroad, you will be notified by the police or the British consulate. You’ll need to get in contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to get help and advice. They’ll give you all the information you’ll need about the next steps.

Registering the Death 

Next, you’ll need to get in contact with local authorities to register the death. In order to speak with insurance providers, you’ll need legal proof of death. You will also need to register the death with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. To do this, you’ll need to fill in a short online form. You’ll also need the deceased person’s passport to complete this step.

Bringing the Body Home

If you choose to bring the body back to England or Wales, there are a couple of key things that you’ll need to sort out first.

They are:

  •  A certified English translation of the death certificate.
  • Permission to remove the body, issued by a coroner in the country where the person passed away.
  •  Informing a coroner in England or Wales if the death was violent or unnatural.

It’s important to note that these conditions apply if you are bringing the body back to England or Wales. For Northern Ireland and Scotland, the processes are different. You can find the necessary information at and

Can I claim life Insurance while abroad?

This is probably the question you are most worried about. You’ll be glad to know that if you have an active policy in place you can claim your Life Insurance while outside the UK.

You might not be aware that travel insurance can also help cover repatriation costs. The repatriation can cost thousands of pounds, so before you've even brought the body home, you may not have enough to pay for the funeral.

You should leave your travel insurance details with your loved ones so that they can easily contact the provider in the event of your death.

If you're on a package holiday, you should talk to the provider. They'll be able to guide you on what to do next. A lot of companies also include travel insurance with your initial purchase. When speaking with a travel insurance provider, you'll need to check for repatriation insurance. This particular aspect of travel insurance covers bringing the body back.

No matter where you are in the world, you can have confidence that you can claim your British Seniors life insurance.

How much does repatriation cost?

Unfortunately, repatriation of a body can be a costly process. If you’re looking at bringing a body back for burial in the UK prices can vary.

In terms of a rough estimate for the costs, it can be anything from £1,800 to £17,000. This might sound steep but there are a few costs involved apart from the usual funeral preparation. Some of those things include:

  • Looking after the person who has died before flight/s
  • The body will also have to be embalmed, as per the rules of transport
  • A zinc-lined coffin for transportation
  • The flight costs
  • Coordinating funeral directors in both countries
  • The Paperwork and in some cases translations 

There are extras that you can get sorted out too, but these are done on a case-by-case basis.

Another option that may be more cost-effective for you is having the body cremated. No matter where the body is in the world having a professional courier service transport the ashes should cost no more than £1,000.

Can I get life insurance if I live abroad?

Essentially the answer to this question boils down to whether you have moved full time to another country and are now looking for insurance.

One of the conditions of our life insurance policies is that you are a UK resident with a UK bank account. So, once you have your policy in place, you’re covered no matter where you are in the world.

So it really is as simple and straightforward as that. If you love to travel and can’t wait to spend your golden years in the sunshine, you’ll be covered. Should the worst happen you can make sure there’s some money there for your loved ones.

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